Evelyn Grewal, CEO and founder of Zeba Media, is a seasoned and accomplished marketing/advertising consultant with 20+ years of both client side and agency experience in over 15 consumer focused and B2B verticals.

Evelyn started her career in marketing in traditional broadcast television with a focus on consumer new product introductions. She built strategic media plans that provided sell-in support and documentation for national retailers to gain on-shelf positioning, and followed early stage planning with creative A/B Testing, development of BDI’s and measuring ROI’s in ongoing strategic marketing support.

From this role Evelyn moved to VP of Media and Research (W F of R), Director of Client Services (Initiative Media San Francisco), and VP of Media Strategy at Macy’s West where she managed the traditional and digital teams and a budget of over $300 million. Post her tenure at Macy’s, Evelyn lived abroad in India, and upon her return to the US she found her inner entrepreneur. See a list of current and past partners for a bigger picture.

Our Vision

At Zeba Media we have experience in all major B2C categories as well as B2B. However, our vision is newly refocused to forming client partnerships that build community from a heart-centered perspective, working to improve the health of communities and the lives of families, women, and children for the collaborative greater good. Some of our special areas of focus include cities and municipalities, public transit and public Transportation Oriented Development (TOD), green and sustainable energy, and messaging for political candidates with a vision for change and the future, issue and advocacy groups, and nonprofits.